Screen-based Interactive Installation :


Our values are located in the future or in the past: our efforts will be rewarded some day; we are saving for this or that […], but the “future” is difficult to locate. (by Philip Ursprung). “Future” is a big issue today--it’s a hot commodity. Future has been interpreted, predicted, and packaged; has been over-sold as a commodity and has gotten a strange patina of use that destroyed its credibility. Between cheap “future” and overly rich “past”, the present, the now completely disappears. “undeciphered” is a screen-based interactive installation that relates the individual with his/her journey through individual experience to the collective and its inherent movement over time. “undeciphered” generates “presence” in the modern city  and creates a stage to overlap each individual “presences” towards a collective whole: the future city. It tries to convey a message: this is a ceremony and blessing moment and “future” is tried to be read by going through these “presences”. What the audience has experienced and how he/she has experienced together become one in the dynamics on the screen, which is constantly being injected with the coming audience’s experiences. What will eventually be present at the end of festival is unpredictable. The installation generates data and projects data, but the data is given to the people and can only be used if donated voluntarily. It symbolizes a vision of a future city, where experiences are shared and collectively joined, in bottom-up action. “undeciphered” refers both to the cryptic lines and dots on the backs on the screen and to the fact that the collective experience of all the audience cannot be deciphered by a central instance-it belongs to everyone individually and is shared as part of the experience.