Mixed-media Installation:


The set of installations, TWO FULL MOON, plays with historical cultural roots of the deep, yet transient connection between human desire and the moon, and reflects it through interactivity back into audience experience. The work TWO FULL MOON is rooted in layers of emotion and inherent humanness that intentionally contradicts or even rejects any notion of the Space Age. It is a result of my experimentation with collecting, repurposing and locally grounding data streams of anonymous participation from the site http://twofullmoon.com. The data serves as input for dynamic physical artworks that selectively represent both remote audience and artistic intent. While technology permeates all my recent work, this project expresses the human desire to bond with nature without techne’s lens obscuring our being and feeling in the world.

Three metal sculptures cast the phases of moon - dynamics from a crescent moon (30*30*16cm), to a gibbous moon (30*30*28cm), till a full moon (30*30*17cm). By designing spatial and temporal expressions of textile movements and lighting dynamics through the input from the site (http://twofullmoon.com), the project tries to develop psychedelic interaction and metaphorical communication out of usually material or interface practice. Interactive system (OOSCI) is used to build up connectivity and interactivity flowing through the digital and physical interface.

In this project, the first version of three sculptures was made of wood and modeled a form by Chet. The final three metal sculptures were cast by Ko, at the same time, my special thanks need to go to Mathias - his OOSCI system is the foundation of designing the whole interactive experience and his technology support develops and maintains this project from the beginning till the end. The exhibition TWO FULL MOON contains three metal interactive sculptures, one interactive website running on iPad, and eight prints. The exhibition takes place at Agiou Dimitriou 19 in Athens of Greece during 19-22 February of 2019 and it is hosted and highly supported by 3QUARTERS.

A crescent moon (30*30*16cm) under the conditions from daylight to nightlight.

A gibbous moon (30*30*28cm) under the conditions from daylight to nightlight.

A full moon (30*30*17cm) under the conditions from daylight to nightlight.


Rendered image from the site http://twofullmoon.com, and interaction embedded.

TWO FULL MOON is exhibited at Agiou Dimitriou 19 in Athens of Greece from 19 to 22 of Feburary in 2019.  Exhibition view.

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