Interactive Art Installation:


REPLICATION is focused on the conflict embedded in the general daily life - the many activities in our daily lives have a replication on which our immediate effort and actions could have an impact, in the meantime, this artwork is staged for performing in public that the audience could interact with the artwork individually and also participate through the group observation.  The interactivity in REPLICATION is not just created for building a conversation between the audience and the artwork. The interactivity also helps the audience to be a performer in the public space and to establish a dialogue between the individual participant and the other spectators in the same space. The main part of this artwork is built with over 80 IKEA tables. The tables, and repetition of using such tables - an icon of economic scale and expansion - are considered as an artistic expression to symbolically represent “replication”. In addition to this comparatively large-scale physical sculpture, video images captured by the camera in the ball are projected onto the selected table surfaces. These projections are shown with a delay so the participant and the spectators both could see the expression making its way through projection surfaces one by one. The movements with small changes and efforts resulted in a progressively bland, colourless and disintegrating image. The experience in this artwork is built on the forms of physical sculpture and interactivity in which both forms serve as a means to allow the audience to access the content.

The initial iteration of REPLICATION was made by Emilija Marinkovic, Jiali Tang, Xiaoyun Zhang and Yuyuan Zhou as one of the nine results of the international workshop (Taicang, China) in which I was involved as a coach and workshop organizer. The second version of REPLICATION was adapted and developed for the Dutch Design Week 2014 by professors, researchers and students at the Department of Industrial Design of TU/e (Eindhoven, the Netherlands) in which I was involved as an artist and a project leader. The second version of REPLICATION was coordinated and facilitated by Dr. Jun Hu and Dr. Mathias Funk. Concept development and design were by me, Emilija Marinkovic and Swayon Leung. Implementation was a team effort of me, Dr. Mathias Funk, Lucian Reindl and students Emilija Marinkovic, Swayon Leung with help from Marin Sikkenk and Anouk van Ranst.

REPLICATION was exhibited in Schellensfabriek (Eindhoven, the Netherlands) during DUTCH DESIGN WEEK 2014 and exhibited in 1st "In the front" Digital Media Summit Forum (Nanjing, China) during 4 - 6 December in 2016.

REPLICATION demo in visual lab at Technology University of Eindhoven in August of 2014.

REPLICATION exhibitedin Schellensfabriek (Eindhoven, the Netherlands) in Dutch Design Week during October 18-26, 2014.

REPLICATION exhibition setup in Schellensfabriek (Eindhoven, the Netherlands).

Replication exhibited in Schellensfabriek, Eindhoven during Dutch Design Week 2014                                                            Exhibition view