Installation Series:


NOTMASKI&II is a series of installations, separated into two sets of installations with and without interaction respectively. NOTMASKI is a mixed media installation presented as one film (‘WHO., 10:15min), and six paintings (“YOU”, “ME”, “HIM”, “HER”, “US”, “THEM”), which shows pieces of abstract symbols defined directly by the artist. NOTMASKII in this series is an interactive installation. People who involved in this art scene influence each other's behaviors and they have to find right way to deal with this influence. Every frame of the video and every stroke of the painting and every second of audio in NOTMASKI are controlled, while in NOTMASKII, the interactive installation, audience, machine and artist together complete the artwork on a flowing canvas. On the stage of our life, self-consciousness and environmental-influence these two forces, they tear at each other and counterbalance with each other. For people, how to shake hands with both of them and stand together with both of them is an intractable problem. Performing probably is one answer for this question, a means of hiding, scarifying or giving up part of self, part of our willingness to exchange coexistence. 

WHO. is a film while contains a participatory performance in a photo studio and in public spaces. The performance in the photo studio offers a stage and six animal masks for the performing-participants to freely perform. The participants draw bonds between different masks and stayed in the acting. They then give their own interpretations to the masks. Meanwhile, assistant props are picked by the participants themselves when they try to perform with different masks, to act out various actions and stories with these masks. During performing, the participants are being more aware of non-verbal aspects of their behaviours and sometimes towards creative solutions. The artist opens the approaches and consequences in this process. The performance in the public spaces that the artist herself acts as a performer and wore a zebra mask during the whole process in this artwork. The focus is to see, in public, how far the artist can control her art. In this specific context, the artist tries to gather the influence that occurring and characterising performing behaviours once the performance is happening in the different public conditions. In the process, the performance is led to the linkages - the linkages between the judgments of the spectators in the public spaces and behaviours of whom wears the mask. The conflict in the process helps the artist become more aware of the dynamic responsiveness to the public, and the existence of the artwork is accompanied by the losing in the dynamics.

YOU”, “ME”, “HIM”, “HER”, “US”, “THEM” as paintings show two anthropopathic images which blur the difference between seen and unseen. The idea of these paintings comes from the artist’s own life experience since she had moved from China to the Netherlands: emotions and feelings are ambiguity on each face she has seen every day. The ambiguity emotions and feelings are making her being lost in the foreign culture which, in the end, lead to her growing wish to create art about the conflicts and emotions through seeing this “real” performance in her daily life.

NOTMASKI&II was exhibited in Vestdijk 27 (Eindhoven, the Netherlands) during DUTCH DESIGN WEEK 2015 and exhibited in 1st "In the front" Digital Media Summit Forum (Nanjing, China) during 4-6 December in 2016.


NOTMASKI&II exhibited in Vestdijk27 (Eindhoven, the Netherlands) during DUTCH DESIGN WEEK 2015.                        Exhibition view

NOTMASKI----WHO.  color video with sound 10:15min

NOTMASKII   interactive art installation 


ME  100cm*70cm mixed-material painting  

ME#detail  100cm*70cm mixed-material painting     

YOU  65cm*46cm mixed-material painting  

HER  50cm*40cm mixed-material painting  


HIM  78cm*68cm mixed-material painting  


THEM  70cm*100cm mixed-material painting  


US  65cm*70cm mixed-material painting  

US#detail 65cm*70cm mixed-material painting  

performer: Bin YU  black-white video with sound 02:11min

performer: Jiang WU  black-white video without sound 00:18min

performer: LinKai TAO  black-white video without sound 00:48min

performer: LinKai TAO black-white video without sound 00:17min

performer: Yu Zhang  color video with sound 00:27min

performer: Yu ZHANG  color video without sound 00:24min

performer: Yu ZHANG black-white video without sound 00:26min

performer: Jeroen Van Der Meij  black-white video with sound 00:38min

performer: Yu ZHANG and Linkai Tao   photography

performer: Yu ZHANG photography

performer: Yu ZHANG   photography

performer: Yu ZHANG  photography

performer: Yannick BROUWER    photography

performer: Danu PT    photography

performer: HuangMing CHANG   photography

performer: LinKai TAO    photography

performer: Jeroen Van Der Meij    photography

performer: Jin GU   photography

performer: LinKai TAO    photography

performer: LinKai TAO   photography

performer: LinKai TAO   photography

performer: Bin YU    photography

performer: Shi QIU   photography