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Project I WANNA contains two different processes of how humans are related to their surroundings. In the processes, technologies pair expressions with different actions and consequences which make to the determination of the value of individuals. I WANNA is including two installatons in pair - one photograph/film installation I Wanna Fly 5427.89 Miles and one interactive installation I Wanna Rotate 5427.89 Miles. The work is also the result of three-month residency at A.I.R. Nieuw en Meer in Amsterdam from April to June in 2019. The residency, exhibition and related artist talk are highly supported by the art and culture organization Nieuw en Meer.

The exhibition of I WANNA takes place June 25-28 in Oude Haagseweg 61 in Amsterdam.

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I WANNA. Exhibition View.

photograph/Film:I Wanna fly 5427.89 miles

I Wanna Fly 5427.89 Miles collected films and images from a particular moment when our protagonist - Yang flies 5427.89 miles from the place where she used to live and work – the city of Shanghai. The resulting work doesn’t just document what happened to be in front of the lens. It unfolds a variety of phenomena, which result in feelings of individual deprivation in everyday contexts crossing over physical, linguistic, and social boundaries. I Wanna Fly 5427.89 Miles doesn’t want to make a statement or even a comment about the life status of the young people like Yang. It wants to show what it means for people to live in a situation like that. How they cope with it and how the flow of technologization will impact.

During Yang’s visit to the Netherlands, the smart phone seems to be permanently tied to Yang’s hand, 24/7 standing by for her work and clients. The search engine helps to get more ‘tips’ and escape the risks. Photoshop a nice photo and share with the friends and colleagues who are living on the social media seems to be more important than just simply looking at what is happening right here and right now. Because of technologization comes to the head of individual life, medias, social status, mainstream value make Yang’s experience be more like a ceremony, a ceremony for others.

As a young person who is from a family in the northeastern China and living and working in Shanghai - one of the most modernized and expensive cities in this world, the identity of Yang refers simply to a social category which related to the only target – how to obtain money.  ‘For me, money is everything and money is beautiful,’ Yang said to the camera. ‘Earning money’ becomes such a shining cage enveloped in this young person and she takes it as a luggage with her wherever she goes. ‘Earing money’ becomes a kind of personal identity, willing and intention, strongly.

There are around 25 million young people like Yang who are living in Shanghai under such pressure to perform. Indeed, money becomes a lens of shaping how they look at, understand, and pursuit this world. Whereas, the feelings of belonging to certain categories or the feeling of not belonging to certain categories have been made salient, in this case.

‘Except for money, what do you really like?’ Yang couldn’t find the answer to this question.

Selected non-computer generated color photograph from I Wanna Fly 5427.89 Miles. Special thanks Xue Yang.

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Part of I Wanna Fly 5427.89 Miles presents how Yang looks at her surroundings. Selected color photograph is generated by APP Meitu Pic and Yang posts these photos on her social media. Special thanks Xue Yang.

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I Wanna Fly 5427.89 Miles. Exhibition view.

Single-channel video with audio (5min 58sec) from I Wanna Fly 5427.89 Miles. Special thanks Xue Yang.

interactive Installation:I Wanna Rotate 5427.89 miles

We - humans are addicted to transforming the world. In the beginning, with hoes and hands, we had broken the nature grand and established a resting place for surviving and breeding. Desires are never ending. Nowadays, there are very few places on this planet that we have not yet set foot on. Tons of artifacts are big achievements we have done over the past hundred years. Personification is a feature we mirror on the artifacts we build. We hope the design of personification on our surroundings will help generate the images of we in our societies.

The technology behind the interactive installation I Wanna Rotate 5427.89 Miles is a distributed system of four actuation components that connect to a central embedded server. The user interface is realized on the iOS platform and presents a drawing canvas to visitors. Behind the scenes, vector points of what is drawn are sent to the central server and then distributed to all actuation components. Every individual actuation component implements their own behavior that applies the vector points to idiosyncratic, expressive movements. The movement is partially synchronized in time, but generally randomly scheduled. This allows for diverse performative actions based on visitor input.

Through the design of personified movements and composition, I Wanna Rotate 5427.89 Miles achieves an experience of distraction and confusion in which the awareness of artifices within reality becomes clear.

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Objects in the still image capture mode from I Wanna Rotate 5427.89 Miles with the intention of representing artificial surroundings.

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My Movie 2.gif
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Objects in the dynamics from I Wanna Rotate 5427.89 Miles.

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Part of interactive installation I Wanna Rotate 5427.89 Miles.

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I Wanna Rotate 5427.89 Miles. Exhibition Views.