Interactive Art Installation:


This work is composed together with Greek artist Marina Provatidou. The composition of both Greek and Chinese culture is the original idea of this work. Through such thoughts, the incentive could lead to the composition in the form of an artistic work: real-artificial, south-north, genders-nationalities, old-new ideas and past-present desires. The composition contains the conversation and the conflict which does create a debatable, but interesting perspective.  The composition remains differences based on language, gender, religion, ethnicity, etc.  On the occasion of the research on diversities, these two artists pose the question between the human beings and the nature, they integrate the question into two different forms of medium - film and interaction. Through the two-different expressive mediums, the artists have constructed animal masks and attempt to demonstrate the beliefs and everyday habits that apply in the time where animal rights are being violated. The audience, via interaction, will realize that they are in the unpleasant position of the animal and being accompanied by sounds of traditional organs derived from the sacrifice of animals.  The artists try to establish the existence of threat, the power, and the respect, with which the audience confronts and reflects via this artwork.

BE DIFFERENCE-COMPOSE TOGETHER was exhibited in ALBERT VAN ABBEHUIS (Eindhoven, the Netherlands) during 13 May - 4 June in 2017.

Be Different - Compose Together  color video with sound 2:55min

one actor who participated in the video is performing at the exhibition

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Exhibition opened  in ALBERT VAN ABBEHUIS (Eindhoven, the Netherlands) on 13th of May in 2017.