artist Residency:


coming soon

During the past few years, my art projects are mainly about interactive installations. By doing so, I have investigated different dimensions of combining performativity and interactivity that extend art scene from where the art piece finally presents to the places where it produces and grows. I have been exploring performativity which includes a diverse arrangement and logic of activities and the results of these activities. Performativity in my previous work is to explore the strengths and limitation of the selected motions, emotions, and scenes in the working process. The interactivity is an indispensable part of audience’s presence which consists of the known and perceived aspects of the audience’s being in his/her experience. The means of interactivity are emerged and selected based on performativity practically. Performativity and interactivity together as a medium in my previous work produce a set of activities in an art scene for the audience, whose participatory actions being to complete an interactive artwork. Collaboration between performativity and interactivity can integrate new forms of artistic expression and audience experience which will go “beyond” traditional alignment and presentation. Audiences in such experience could explore the art on their own through not only viewing, also by-standing, assimilating, creating, and even “destroying”. For me, carrying audiences to experience an art piece is becoming not just an immutable form of guided progress through a pre-scripted narrative, not either a fixed angle of viewing an artist-domain world through self-imagination. Art experience in my opinion will need more than just simulated objects or space that they will need the compelling objects, the narratives that are responsive, and virtual environments that feel emotionally meaningful. In this artist residency, I will still involve both performativity and interactivity as the expressive medium to see further potentials and possibilities. For the subject, I would like to treat locals and their used daily objects as idiosyncratic, symbolic, and expressive materials that depict the diversity of tensions between human and human use of artefacts. I prefer to use this content as the starting point in the residency to explore how culture “rubs off” onto the artefacts in use on a day-to-day basis and convey the understanding that time and use of artefacts will result in aging, in becoming closer to the person and cultural identity in the context where the UM UM festival happens. The content comes from that being fuzzy and indistinct in self-identity in the situation of breaking ties with audience’s native land and culture. During the residency, performances and objects collected from a vast number of participants will be edited and faced directly to the public in the festival. Audiences in the festival by experiencing and interacting with the visual images and the tangible objects, will be led to generate an understanding of underlying meaning as they complete their own perception of what these objects and images actually present and mean.